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Realtime Reporting with DepoSpan Providers

Four types of evidence can be presented in court: real evidence, demonstrative evidence, documentary evidence, and testimonial evidence. Of these four types of evidence, only the last, testimonial evidence, cannot be seen, touched, felt, and studied — unless real-time reporting is employed.

Court reporter services using real-time reporting provide their clients with the valuable tool of seeing spoken testimony as text when it is said. DepoSpan’s network of court reporting agencies provides real-time services, whether in the exact location or remotely.

The Ins and Outs of Real-Time Reporting

court reporters near me

In the “old days”, if an attorney or anyone else wanted to review testimony, they requested the court reporter to read it. This required locating the exact testimony in the reporter’s stenographic notes, translating the symbols, and reading it aloud.

Real-time transcription allows skilled court reporters to deliver a transcript within seconds of spoken words. The reporter types the shorthand on steno machines using the usual key combinations. Specialized computer software translates the keycodes into readable text for anyone using an iPad or laptop with the required software installed.

Typically, when law firms interview for court reporter services, they ask questions like:

  1. Are your court reporters certified?
  2. Do you ensure accuracy and confidentiality?
  3. Are your court reporters experienced with cases such as medical malpractice, patent, or intellectual property?
  4. Is it convenient to schedule a court reporter?
  5. What areas do your court reporters service?
  6. Etc.

All of your questions and concerns about real-time court reporting services turn to answers with DepoSpan, the nationwide network of locally owned and highly skilled court reporters.

Real-time Reporting Beyond the Court Room

court reporters near me

Highly skilled real-time reporters also use their expertise outside of the courtroom. Services provided by DepoSpan that benefit from real-time reporting include:

  • Videoconferencing
  • Legal Videography
  • Conferencing
  • And more

Real-time reporting is valuable anywhere attendees and participants need to view the transcripts in real-time. The ability to accomplish real-time reporting depends on computer-aided translation (CAT). This technology allows the reporter to:

  • Edit in real-time
  • Share the transcript with counsel
  • Enable the use by counsel of word processing functions while receiving the transcript

With a DepoSpan provider, you will be able to perform meetings, interviews, and conferences anytime and anywhere.

court reporters near me


Control client costs and optimize your time and efficiency with videoconferencing by eliminating:

  • Travel
  • Delays
  • Scheduling conflicts

Videoconferencing and real-time reporting are excellent counterparts for bringing together team members who may have offices in different cities, states, or countries.

DepoSpan providers employ various platforms for remote events, including:

  • Zoom
  • WebEx
  • Teams
  • AgileLaw
  • LiveDeposition

Because litigation can quickly become expensive, it requires efficiency at every opportunity. DepoSpan can ensure that the entire process runs smoothly and effortlessly, from real-time depositions to mock jury trials.

Legal Videography

Legal videography is the practice of recording court proceedings professionally. Seeing and hearing testimony together is almost always more powerful and useful than either one by itself. Combining the technology with real-time remote court reporting boosts the effectiveness and utility of the evidence for viewers. Services available include:

  • Video depositions
  • Video/transcript synchronization
  • Video and audio transcription
  • And more

Using DepoSpan’s many services means having powerful leading-edge technologies at your disposal. It also means peace of mind knowing that their professional, precise, and trustworthy IT and back-office support is always ready when you need it.


DepoSpan’s network of providers offers conference room facilities nationwide. Whether you need to conduct a deposition, interview a client, or meet with colleagues at home or remotely, facilities can include:

  • High-speed internet
  • Phone and fax service
  • Full-service copying
  • And much more

DepoSpan’s administrative and general litigation support capabilities, joined with real-time testimony streaming, give clients advantages that can mean the difference between success and a poor settlement.

Litigation Support

Litigation support provides attorneys with consulting and other services relevant to the preparation for trying a case. The specific tasks depend on the needs of the attorney (or client) and might include the following:

  • SuperDepositions™
  • Interpreter/translation arrangements
  • Paperless Depositions
  • And others

Beyond providing real-time reporting when necessary, DepoSpan providers can customize a complete litigation support plan to include:

  • Service of Process
  • Equipment Rental/ Trial Support
  • Animations, Timelines, and Graphics
  • And more

Modern litigation is more complex and digital than ever. The efficient execution of the entire litigation process can require advanced technologies for services, such as eDiscovery, data management and storage, legal research, remote and real-time conferencing, and more. DepoSpan providers have the solutions you need to streamline procedures and hone your competitive edge.

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court reporters near me